Glorious Hole

You ever want to feel like you’re swooshing down the drain??? Buy the new broadsheet collab by Max Lester + Hailey Kobrin 

This glossy ass bad boy will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland was for kids!!! 

$20 a pop ~ funds go to producing Silverfish Magazine 002 (coming to a garbage disposal near you) 

Printed at our fav Eva’s ❤


Max Lester is an artist born and based in Tkaronto. These days, Max is preoccupied by the stickiness of affect, the ways in which power is manifested in built environments, and the use and failure of language to describe abstract experiences and sensations. Max received his BFA in Integrated Media at OCAD University. 

Hailey Kobrin is currently researching food-based performance artworks while living at their parents house.

About the Broadsheet

Glorious Hole is a collaboration between Max Lester and Hailey Kobrin.

Fragments of disposable fiction drift toward the gravitational pull of the Glorious Hole. These five spurts of short narratives are bathed in the murky waters of the Glorious Hole. They spiral towards the centre, the words leak into one another, they slide towards the brink, waiting…but they can never push inside the Glorious Hole.